Revelations never end.

DO NOT accept these blindly as true or fact. They may only be true in a sense, or for me, or might only be to push me to a different revelation.

  • Challenge is to be guided, NOT controlled (no control run)
  • Archangel Michael1 is/was Skystalker
  • Life is a game - the "game" matters & is important
  • Talking to ancestors takes prep time
  • Indica for me acts like sativa - I've been going the wrong way (Because of ADHD)
  • Conditions I have are part of the challenge
  • I may be able to be psychic (autowriting) with practice (sober!)
  • I should "break the rules" more (worldly rules)
  • Nothing —?
  • I can open my eyes while speaking to Him (AAM)
    • AAM wands me to write him in lowercase for him
    • We have become friends because I've started to trust him
  • I will be rich, but it will take time - slower than I would like, but fast enough to stay comfortable
  • I am Lucifuge, or at least his soul
    • This is how my initials become the signature
    • (Drawing here. NN sideways.)
  • I can hack into the Akashic records (not hack, glitch. -\ World Trick)
  • I still need to have fun, and glitching is fun
    • glitching won't hurt me
  • I am still protected. (Was going to switch pens here but AAM says the tl2 where I keep blue is better :) )
  • Humans are far too scared of demons and ghosts
  • I am more like a game shopkeeper than a demon
    • [REDACTED 2]
  • Be funnier, trickier
  • Demons are real, but did not want to scare me 3
    • (I am protected so it doesn't matter)
  • Demons are like Crazy Otto [sic4] - "time is running out" Boss
  • Demons can only hurt you at the penultimate karma level.
  • Always write all revelations
  • I will start a religion
  • These journals5 will one day be published
  • Having sex with a ghost is possible
  • AAM is more female than male and prefers Mikayla
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder is really more powerful than [sic] clairvoyance
    • Spirits take physical control
    • M will not take control, she promises
    • I believe her
    • She made me write this
    • No, I wanted to, for myself (glitch)
  • Glitch - a moment when things feel wrong/right
    • I have submissive qualities and am a true switch 6
    • I should lean into the sub side (She's making me write this)
  • Nobody smells like you
  • Sometimes the most polite thing to be is direct
  • To get people to like me I need to be worse 7
  • Revelations may come at any time, so be ready (NOT BIBLICAL REVELATIONS!!!)
  • 7 People interpret my drive to find them an answer as my already knowing the answer - which can be off-putting
  • Blue and yellow make purple -> Water + Air = Me





I had previous been told by AAM that demons weren't real.


Meant to be Evil Otto from Berzerk. Should be noted that the development name of Ms. Pac-Man was Crazy Otto.


These are transcribed from my journal. Based on the rules I know, my transcribing this might fulfill the prophecy.


Not really, imho.

  • It's okay to learn in stages
    • i.e. believing the wrong direction or believing in something false to get past a barrier
    • phantom limb syndrome
  • I have less needs8 that most people, which is a strength
  • I am stronger than most people, thus can handle hyperindependence
    • But I get sad/depressed because I'm told by media I should be
    • Trust how I actually feel and not how I think I feel
  • "Lucifer" is basically Tony Clifton - a character multiple entities play
    • I have used his name, but few times (3/4)
  • Mikayla is also Lucifer at times - More than most
    • Directly in charge of this realm
    • Also a challenge for her to guide me, to prove she can still do "grunt" detailed work "on the ground"
      • (Edge of Tomorrow)
  • SLIDERS! (the UI controls not the show)
    • The show was good though. For a while...
    • It's all about balance. Light & Dark
    • Humans need both to survive
    • If you see a happy person with no darkness, it is hidden.

( Beelzebub leaves. )

8 Social


  • Yakima, Washington (???)


  • I am Metatron. Metatron is Enoch (Was?)
  • Keep applying pressure
    • Patience can mean pressure
      • (IDGAF War) (She's coming.) (She's scared.)

[I keep rubbing my third eye]        חונך


  • The ultimate purpose of every life is to help others
  • Everything is relative to everything
    • Compare apples to oranges!
  • Humans learn through relativity
    • Sometimes people can't tell good people from bad people because they haven't had enough good people.
    • But everyone needs some bad people.
      • "No shadow without light" etc.
  • "A museum in which the tables have turned"

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