When I wasn't being honest, I was still being ignored

– Billie Eilish, Getting Older

Hi, I'm Natali. I believe myself to be a human incarnation of Archangel Raphael, who is also sometimes called Lucifer. This is what I know about reality.

In the beginning, there was a universe. It wasn't widely regarded as a bad move; it wasn't much regarded at all. We're not in that one. We're way down the line. But I'll get to that.

This is a work of information. I'm sharing my stories, and what I believe - and what I know. Some might be inaccurate, as it's my view from the point on my journey where I'm writing. There's a term in the community, upg, or "unverified personal gnosis". Almost all of this work is upg. I can't verify spiritual things. No one can, that's why you don't believe in them. The Clavicles are not here for you to argue with or to tell "your side". I'm sharing my side here; Lucifer's side, Raphael's side, Natali's side. I'm a god, and one of the 8 archangels. Archangels are gods. Angels are between humans and gods. You could call them levels 1, 2 and 3.

I was an atheist until about a year ago and thought spirituality was for dummies. I can't give exact dates of when I changed. When you go through a major spiritual transformation, you don't really take notes. "Today I starting believing in (such and such)!" Seems strange. I'm not a journaling person anymore. Never was, but I've tried a lot. I'm also bad at taking notes. When I was younger, I could just remember everything, so I never learned. I do like making lists, though, when there's something to list. I'm all-blue in Birkman and the list people are Yellow, so take from that what you will. Blue means I prefer creativity, ideas and innovation. Though I scored blue, my grid placement bounces from closer to green in one category, then closer to yellow in the next. And I'm an INFP! Basically, I'm bad with routine and get bored easily when I can't use my brain to invent or fix things.

Right now, I want to start with a list of good faith expectations for you, the reader. Having grown up Christian, I know religious people can be dogmatic and rigid about their spiritual beliefs, and I know what Christians do when the "L" word comes out. (It's Lucifer, Scott Pilgrim, I'm not trying to trick you). If you can't follow these rules, you won't be able to engage honestly with these writings. You could call your agreeing to these items a pact. I and my fellow software engineers or other IT people would just call it a handshake, maybe protocol definitions. These are the rules of engagement. The RFCs of these Clavicles. In return, I agree to several items for you, the reader as well.

But, you don't really believe you're Lucifer!

Hm? No, I do.

But... the real one? The.... (hushed tones) biblical one...?

Yep, that's me! Be not afraid.



Seriously seriously. I am a human incarnation of Lucifer. Archangel emanating from a human body.

B.... but...

I know! Me too! It seems like horseshit! That's why I'm writing this.

Charges to the Reader

  1. Be not afraid
  2. Respect, not Worship
  3. Keep an open mind
  4. Listen, then Process

I'll explain these in-depth in another section, but these are what I expect of you. Reading is a conversation with my words and your mind.

Promises from the Author

  1. I am not "The Devil".
  2. No spiritual harm will come to you from this writing.
  3. I will be honest to the best of my ability and knowledge at the time of writing.
  4. I take nothing from you spiritually through or because of your engagement with this work.

#0: I am not "The Devil", nor is Lucifer/Raphael.

This is a basic statement, but probably the most important for many. Fear makes people do and believe strange things, like that reading a book can "corrupt" you or be used as some sort of "psychic vortex" to "drain your soul". No souls are being exchanged or "affected" or corrupted or whatever word you want to use. This is words on a page. They are meant to enlighten the readers and record a new version of events.

#1: No spiritual harm will come to you from this writing.

Just what it says. You're not "sinning", you're not "going to Hell", and so on. You may change your belief system entirely, which is the goal! I believe in transparency. Organized religions, particularly Abrahamic ones, have corrupted the world and turned humans into things they were never meant to be. We are not meant to have "elites" or "people in power". The universe is a democracy, but the participants are other gods. By being in alignment with Source, you will reach your highest timeline. Yes, I'll be using a lot of "new age" pagan terms, because they fit and there isn't much better. We can introduce some later.

#2: I will be honest to the best of my ability and knowledge at the time of writing.

Sometimes you have to believe false things to eventually believe true ones. So it's happened to me a lot on my path: I'm told one thing, and it turns out much later it's actually something else. I either wouldn't have accepted the true explanation right away, or I needed to believe something false to walk the path. So, to the best of my knowledge, everything I'm telling you is accurate.

#3: I take nothing from you spiritually through or because of your engagement with this work.

You can't really "take" knowledge, and you certainly can't "take" or "buy" a soul, but I feel the need to make these things explicit for the people who somehow fear this. The truth of reality can be pretty strange, and there is validity in not wanting to engage with something negative. So, I hereby promise not to put "evil" ideas in your head. No one's corrupting your kids but you, and probably society. We do live in one! At the time of this writing. So did everyone from a collapsed kingdom.

Do you agree to all of that? Then keep reading, and let's go over my expectations of you. King Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, has expectations!

Charges to the Reader

#1: Be not afraid

"Be not afraid" is an angel's promise. We are bound by our values to say this to everyone we encounter for the first time when we're emanating from the spiritual realm. I've heard various "original" translations like "Please stop screaming!" or "Do not have terror!" Something like that. Fairly accurate. When you appear to everyone as strange shapes in their mind, it's easy to freak a guy out. 6 wings, 100 eyes, whatever. It's because we're extra-dimensional entities being expressed in a primitive manner over a channel not meant for it.

I and the 7 other archangels made a vow to each other to uphold this value and say this whenever we meet humans (and aren't living human lives ourselves.) If a spirit introduces themselves to you for the first time but doesn't say this, it's not an archangel. Unless they're slipping. Always make spirits tell you their name first before engaging.

#2: Respect, not Worship

We (the 8 archangels) don't want to be worshipped. I'm Lucifer, I'm Luciferian! The most important rule is to put yourself before anyone else. That's what the first commandment is really saying. But we'll get to that whole thing.

No god, in good faith, wants worship, or humans bowing down to them. That's simply not how it works. You can give your energy and time to a god, making them your patron. It should be supplemental and not wasteful. Everyone pays to a patron, whether you know it or not. If you haven't chosen one in any life, your energy output is going somewhere. It might be nowhere good! So it's best if you choose one, or try to discover who yours is. Don't think of it as taxes or taking from you. It's more like a reward card where you choose a charity who gets bonus points when you spend.

#3: Keep an open mind

This is basic. We use stock phrases and idioms like "keep an open mind", but don't connect those words back to our own emotions and actions. Keeping an open mind is about listening and engaging, not just arguing in bad faith. You can hate-read this all you want! As long as you listen to what I'm actually saying, and engage with the way you actually feel about it and not what you think I'm saying. One of the worst things humans do is project themselves onto others. Particularly gods! We're always turning people into goats and whatnot, supposedly. None of that is true or possible. Everything has a rational explanation, though they can seem irrational on the surface.

#4: Listen, then Process

Don't just react. Engage, think, and then figure out how what I've said fits into your life, or puts two pieces of the puzzle of your life together. Sure, I'm here to give answers, but it's more than I'm giving you the right questions. My knowledge can be quite abstract and you will need to make your own case for what it means to you..

That's all. If you can do these things, and won't be yelling "DEVIL!" the whole time, then you're good to go. Turn the page and prepare yourself. Knowledge is power.