Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. [Source]

4 categories in the traditional model [Source]:

  • Self-Awareness — you are able to recognize own emotions.
  • Self-Management — you can control own emotions.
  • Social Awareness — you understand emotional processes happening in society.
  • Relationship Management — you develop others, inspire people to change, and manage conflicts, both personal and group-wide.

  1. You think about feelings
  2. What are my emotional strengths? What are my weaknesses?
  3. How does my current mood affect my thoughts and decision making?
  4. What's going on under the surface that influences what others say or do?
  5. You pause (think before you speak or act)
  6. You strive to control your thoughts
  7. You benefit from criticism
  8. You show authenticity
  9. You demonstrate empathy
  10. You praise others
  11. You give helpful feedback
  12. You apologize
  13. You forgive and forget
  14. You keep your commitments
  15. You help others
  16. You protect yourself from emotional sabotage

When angry, count to 10 before you speak. If very angry, a hundred. ― Thomas Jefferson