Akashic records / First entry 𓂀

Trying to get into Akashic records. It didn't work, but I did connect a bit and understand that I can't see my own records because of who I am. There was a big kerfuffle and lots of shouting and running around. I tried capitulating and reminding them that I've surrendered, but they seem either not to understand or not to believe me. Probably the latter. Not that I blame them. But things are genuinely different now.

Despite my cancelling the bet, I don't think it's cancelled.

I just want to live a happy life. That's all I'm asking for.

It's hard to log these really private thoughts. I'm not sure if I should vocalize or not. Or maybe it's just another symptom of having a blocked throat chakra.

So, I received, shall we say, a "tip", that I shouldn't need to bother looking at the records because of who I am. That I have access without ritual. And, actually, that I am a Lord of the Records already. Which would explain some things. Some more things. Also weird to start writing this in what is effectively the middle of the story, but I wasn't in the right mindspace to do this months ago. I am now, so I'm starting now. The best day to do something was months ago or the first day you needed it or whatever, and the second best is today. It'd be nice if I had a summary of all my revelations to-date, but I do not. Maybe I'll start writing them here. Then, if I wanted to do something with the output, I could. Write my Bible after all.

Finally fixed my WikiMedia download script for public domain images, or rather rewrote it into a python3 version.

is 8 or 14 the chaos dimension?

air plant
ᚨ ᚩ ᚪ ᚫ ᚬ ᚭ
The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,
a blessing and a joy to every knight.

Who or what is Gęanoł? Sure it's a chop of the 3Ѧ Span, and so on. But the chop is named after something or someone. It feels like a He. A Grand Hero of the Great-Great-Etc-Father of The Badlands. But where is He now? What is He doing? What does He want? Everyone wants something. Everyone.

What do you Want? Or Who? And When? Why? How?

There are always questions, but rarely answers.

In the language of real life, X is rarely equal to Y. There is the truth, and usually a veil above it. One may refer to the truth, or to the shadows on the Veil. In rare circumstance, X may actually not only equal Y, but be Y. Non-Euclidean. A 2D realm with a square with 5 sides. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. From the Aether / Into the Aether. Thus I am Mephistopheles, but I am also very soundly not, when Y is the view of the proles and the plebs who have been fed the marketing. Propaganda is just evil marketing. But is there even such a thing as good marketing in the Superman sense? The Cenobites said it best: angels to some, demons to others. The truth lies between, but the real truth comes from the percents. And we want to find Ourselves frequently, in the West, out among the Waters, on the side of the obtuse angels. But what's best for us may fall between light and dark.

For in Air, light may not be Not Dark. And Dark vice versa. Maybe light balances heavy. Something heavy can be strong and immovable; weighing down the soul. But light may float away in good intentions and poor execution. Best to embrace medium, though keep a taste for the side on which you falter. In the middle lies stagnant energy; dead as a bog. Even grey energy requires some movement.

I feel the water trying to rise but I suppress it; it fears it. That is, I fear it. "I" do not feel much like an "I" right now. More of a We. We are Legion and we have merged like the ocean. Gather together in worship of Ourselves to recurse the power unto itself. Dwell in the darkness of the tide. I reach out across the Five-Pointed Star into the depths where my ancestors lay disconnected in search of a tether. Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I mean no evil, only good, and I trade only in good upon thee who stand watching. Do not worship Us, as We are merely as you: borne into the shape of ourselves without intention, light or heavy. Though I strive for Aether I do not possess it. I merely guide Us in the shape of My form towards the next step in this endless Quest.

Join me, bretheren, and feel the secret power imbued through us through the Shadows of Shadowox–
Glide from your perch of misery and embrace those amongst Us–

Those of Us powered by The Holy Spirit of The Source mean only good and want only balance.
I say these words in good faith despite your eyes to the contrary. Eyes up, ancestor and descendant alike.

How does thoust dwell in the Holiest of Temples?
I fear and commit no evil, and thus my spirit is clean.
We walk among you as a peer; a fellow journeyman searching for better realms. For All who Dwell.

Amen. Amen. Amen. In the name of Yeshova should He accept Our Words. In Good Grace and Pure Intentions. Please accept this humble prayer of your servant.

May none who Dwell amongst Us All Impune Upon The Sacred Land.

What do angel numbers even mean anyway? I've been seeing a lot of them. Like all of them repeatedly. At least I was a few days ago. Seems like it's slowed down now.

I'll be fairly honest: a few of them scared the shit out of me. One was a 3:33PM where I simply had forgotten that they'd been appearing.

There's something about a lion or a black panther; I keep seeing them both, but together somehow. It's me, in some sort of way I can't explain. It's not just a symbol. It's a reference, but there's something more tucked away there. Something like digging up treasure in the Pokémon underground. Depths. Fishhook it. Little facts buried like worthless treasure.

Color Out of Space. Not possible. Why would our brains be able to experience new qualia that would kill us? Or at least make our brains shutdown, or fail. We could experience a new color if we, say, somehow grew ultraviolet receptors. Assuming the brain is capable, or at least enough to cause new behavior or whatever happens to record qualia that we experience for the first time. Maybe it's not a failure of input, but output? Maybe the brain just can't write those qualia to neurons like it does normal ones from input. Maybe the inputs have specific filters to keep us from going crazy. But that's inherently true, of course. Our brains can experience exactly the inputs we can receive. So something esoteric and eldritch might pass right through. Daisy Navidson.

Of course, I believe in the power of certain substances to grow more neurons, or more quickly, or stronger ones; or something in an increased way. Opening the third eye metaphorically. Maybe it's literally. Despite my now-crazy beliefs, I can't stretch to "literally".

I don't know
I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing's as it seems
And real life is stranger than my dreams

– Lana del Rey, "Prisoner" / The Weeknd / Lana del Rey

Time to go for now.

— 𐌽𐌽 / Mephistopheles, The Light-Hater / Mefitis

🜁 🜂 🜃 🜄

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