Welcome back again

I’m getting the one-man-band back together. I’ve been thinking about starting a weblog, a real one – that I update on a regular basis. I’m going to just do it here. This is probably the 20th time I’ve rebooted this…

le privacy policy

Your email address will be collected, stolen, forged, dropped on flyers over Uzbekistan, and then tattooed on your mother. heh. no, though. eh maybe the flyers

Donate to Japan! And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control

Somebody stole my credit card number, so as far as I’m concerned this whole planet can go straight to hell. I’ve stopped watching The Daily Show because it pisses me off too much. It feels like somebody should come and…

Treat Me Like the Princess I Am

Lately I’ve been trying to commit Suicide by Burrito. That’s when you keep going to Chipotle for lunch despite what it does to your insides. For those of you not privileged enough to have a Chipotle near you, I will…

Check out those graphics

Look at this damned background. Look at it. All Web 3.0 and shit. Oh my god I’m going to retire early on this shit. Hell yes. Watch those advertising dollars roll in. trick ass marks

u jelly?

u jelly?

For those wondering what I’ve been up to, what all you missed while this site was gone, and all the great stuff I’ve been making: That is to say, not much.

Welcome back nerds

Hi everybody, Harry Caray here. Wait that’s no good. Site already ruined. It’s five years later, and nothing much has changed. I lost some hair, got fatter, came blood once, bought a car, had a girlfriend, broke up, moved three…