The Place Where the Black Stars Hang

The Place Where the Black Stars Hang is a Lustmord album that defies genre. It’s officially dark ambient, and many would say it gave birth to that genre. But this album is simultaneously menacing and soothing; disturbed and peaceful; emotional and bland and uncaring. I don’t have a name for it. But recently this has been a big influence on what I’ve tried to make or accomplish.

And, it’s from 1994. 1994! This album is 24 years old and sounds like it could have just released. You just can’t put a date on ambient droning. Imagine a like Nicki Minaj track with a minute long break in the middle for some dark ambient.

I always think that smaller and more experimental artists are where “pop” and popular artists, bands, and companies take their ideas. That seems to be true for every creative field from fashion, to writing, and music. But it seems like plenty has been done in the intervening years, but extreme commercialism has blunted and destroyed any attempt at truly moving beyond the norm. Pop music today is stuck revisiting the 1980s and 90s, and mostly the 80s.

I appreciate synthwave/retrowave/whatever you want to call outrun-doom synth with an 80s vibe. But that’s still not “mainstream”. You won’t hear Tom Crux in a movie soundtrack. Or maybe you will before long. I just doubt it. Episode IX featuring Carpenter Brut for a saber fight would be simultaneously fantastic, and the worst atrocity committed to music by film.

Anyway, give this album a listen, and let it destroy, or fix, your state of mind. Then take something from it and create something interesting.

I’ve hit a point in life that I absolutely just don’t care if people pay attention to my work; I take things from being able to create, and on some level it really does keep me going. I’ve lost the source, but I once read an internet post along the lines of: “Never destroy anything you create, because future generations might appreciate it, or at least, it could turn out to be anthropologically important”. That’s stuck with me, and so, I figure, if absolutely no one cares about what I write or an album I’ve made, maybe someone else will one day. If nothing else, I enjoyed making it.

That’s enough for me.