Blogging and photography

I feel like I should be using this website as like, an actual blog. So I’m going to do that and treat it more like a commonplace book and a blog than anything formal or interesting to a wide audience – not that it ever really was.

I’ve been wanting to get “into” photography for a long time, but trying to learn it on my own just wasn’t doing it, so I decided to take an introduction class locally. This is a gallery of a few pictures I’ve taken around the Phoenix area recently after learning more about exposure, and shutter speeds, and aperture, and so on. I have a Sony a6300 mirrorless camera, which is what these were taken with, using the Sony 55-210mm E-Mount lens that I also purchased. The kit lens with the camera just wasn’t doing it, and I’m not honestly convinced by the results from this lens either. I don’t know if I’m not doing it right or the performance is just softer than I’d like. I like the composition, but the results just don’t match what I had in my head when I took them.

Honestly, at this point I’m wishing I’d just stuck with Canon and bought a newer 5D or 6D. I have a Rebel XSi from about 2009 or 2010, which I used prior to this. But I never knew enough to actually use it much, so I pretty much always stuck to auto. Still, I feel like the results turned out better than these have. Anyway, for now I’m sticking to the a6300, and going to try to improve my performance with it.

Reviews of both the camera and the lenses vary, so I think it’s partially just how this camera and lens performs, and partially that I still don’t quite know what I’m doing. And the included kit lens (16-50mm) is very bad, frankly. The 55-210 is better, but I still see people saying it’s a “kit” lens. The others are better, but now I’m worrying about sunken cost syndrome and if I shouldn’t just bite the bullet and buy a Canon. And a good telephoto lens. If I hadn’t just dropped $3k on my first modular eurorack synth modules and a case, I’d probably be more up for it. 😀 But that’s another post and journey altogether.

I’m going to keep trying, and try to log more here how things go, and how the photography journey goes, as it were. If you have advice or can tell what I’m doing wrong, or just want to call me an idiot, feel free to comment!